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Sunday, October 07, 2018

These Are the Skills You Need to Land a Machine Learning Job | Machine learning - Dice InsightsPhot

Nate Swanner, Editor - Dice Insights summarizes, "Machine learning (ML) is hot right now, and seems to be poised for a broader takeover of tech in the future. As jobs open up, we’ve identified the skills needed to land your next ML job."

Photo: Dice Insights

A recent study by Univa shows 96 percent of tech pros say the number of machine learning projects will expand over the next 24 months. Some 68 percent of respondents say their company has used machine learning increasingly in the past two years, too.

Interest in a technology or skill typically aligns with job growth. We’ve seen ML jobs rise steadily over time, and there’s been a strong boost the past year or so as Google, Apple, and Microsoft have gotten serious about what machine learning is capable of. As each company rolls out their own developer tools, developer engagement and interest climbs...

There have been 50 percent more total data science jobs posted since the beginning of 2016, compared to the second-most-popular skill (artificial intelligence, or A.I.). And A.I. job postings during this time have the same lead (50 percent) over third-place Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Source: Dice Insights