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Thursday, November 01, 2018

What’s the value of a song when Artificial Intelligence is everywhere? | Analysis - Music Business Worldwide

Photo: Taishi Fukuyama
The following MBW blog comes from Taishi Fukuyama – who  has written, arranged and produced some of Japan and Korea’s biggest pop stars including Juju, BoA, Tohoshinki and more. He has also represented leaders in music tech for the Japanese market, including Spotify, The Echo Nest, and CI (Consolidated Independent). Taishi (pictured) also co-founded Qrates, a groundbreaking vinyl-on-demand service. He is currently the co-founder and COO of music-making startup, Amadeus Code – whose core product is an ‘artificial intelligence-powered songwriting assistant’.


Would you buy an idea from a machine?

That’s a bizarre question at first glance; it reads like absurdist poetry. Yet we hold that our ideas are discrete entities with definable intrinsic value.

Is it possible a machine could generate such a thing? What’s the value of a computer-generated idea?

As AI slowly seeps into business, culture, everywhere, we will be forced to answer these questions.

If the results of AI’s data ingesting, pattern recognizing, and predictions have some validity, they may qualify as ideas worthy of the same consideration as human-created ideas.

After all, determining worthiness or value is a deeply human-inflected system, and so is AI.

Without human input, machine learning cannot happen. The machine is merely the surface layer of the ideation process...

Creative AI by design is a combination of both human intuition and machine intelligence...

In a modern post-internet society, content value is post-creation. Machines can take an inhuman number of human hours and produce novel ideas in a very non-human way.
That still doesn’t feel right to us: “You’re taking a Millennium of work and giving me a random idea!”

No matter how good that idea sounds, we struggle to say that it is worth purchasing.

Yet in a world where every piece of music is equally accessible, the worth of a piece of music isn’t associated with the music itself, but its ability to attract listeners’ attention; the amount of time that people listen, share, talk about it.

Source: Music Business Worldwide