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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

'Century Masters' looks back on educator Su Buqing | Film & TV - Chinadaily USA

Century Masters, a docuseries celebrating prominent Chinese figures during the 20th century, started filming its third season which opens with the life story of China's leading mathematician and educator, Su Buqing, continues Chinadaily USA.

Chinese mathematician and educator Su Buqing (1902-2003).
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Premiering in 2012, the series has produced over 100 episodes covering art, music, theater, literature and architecture. Through exclusive historical materials and interviews, it manages to reveal the contributions of these outstanding people with authenticity and integrity.

"Wenzhou is the hometown of Chinese scenic poetry, Nanxi Opera and many great mathematicians," said Chen Weijun, secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. "This first episode will present the patriotism and devotion of Su – and inspire younger generations."

"Based on research and interviews, our crew will follow the footsteps of Professor Su and explore his life in detail," chief director Li Li said at the news conference.

Source: Chinadaily USA