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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Entrepreneurial journey: How to be yourself online | Podcasts - London Business School Review

 Photo: Jeff Skinner  
What makes an entrepreneur? Find out in our new podcast series by Jeff Skinner, Executive Director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

From Facebook and LinkedIn to Instagram and Twitter, most of us have had some form of online presence for significant parts of our lives (for digital natives, make that all of our lives), which means there’s a trail of stuff about us “out there” that we have completely lost sight of. Worse still, we’ve lost sight of who has access to it – and what they do with it. Reflecting on this phenomenon gave LBS MBA and entrepreneur James Chance the idea for a new business: a service which enables individuals to manage their “personal brand” and protect their online privacy. 

By exploiting new European data protection legislation, helps individuals control web-based information about them, making it easy to edit what other people can – and can’t – see about them.
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Source: London Business School Review