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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mathematics in search of love | InnovationAus

A long-term commitment to invest in STEM education and research from all sides of politics is essential if Australia wants to be taken seriously as an innovation hub, the director of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Tim Brown has warned by

Tim Brown: The reality is that 'Australia overall doesn’t value mathematics'

“The reality is that Australia overall doesn’t value mathematics in the way it needs to,” Mr Brown tells

“If Australia is going to have a great future as an innovation hub and as a thriving economy – and so much of the future is going be bound to mathematical and science applications – then the knowledge and skills of the workforce need to reflect that,” he said.

While funds have been allocated to tackle gender equity, careers awareness, and deliver training and resources to boost teacher quality through programs such as the APR.Intern program, which offers PHD students six-month industry placements that have led to “great employment outcomes for participating students”, Mr Brown said current measures are still nowhere near enough...

Mr Brown believes if the government could contribute significant investments into STEM education, it would not only lift the country’s overall skills level but improve the country’s research standards.