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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stats News: 120 Million Workers Need To Be Retrained Because Of AI | AI - Forbes

Recent surveys, studies, forecasts and other quantitative assessments of the impact and progress of AI highlighted the need to retrain many workers, improving AI’s score from F to A on 8th-grade science exam, and the $97.9 billion the AI market will reach in 2023, according to Gil Press, writes about technology, entrepreneurs and innovation.

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Expected business impact
In the next three years, as many as 120 million workers in the world's 12 largest economies may need to be retrained or reskilled as a result of AI and intelligent automation; only 41% of CEOs surveyed say that they have the people, skills and resources required to execute their business strategies; the time it takes to close a skills gap through training has increased from 3 days on average in 2014 to 36 days in 2018 [IBM]...

AI talent moving from academia to industry
180 AI faculty from North American universities accepted an industry job from 2004-2018.  In addition, there are 41 professors who founded AI startups either while employed at universities or after leaving academia. In 2018, almost 40 professors left academic positions for an industry job [University of Rochester]

Source: Forbes