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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

VA Leaders Emphasize Focus on User-Centered Design | human-centered design - GovernmentCIO Media

Agency leaders linked complex IT modernization initiatives with improving customer experience by GovernmentCIO Media.

Photo: iStock/ipopba
Speaking at the 2019 PSC Tech Trends Conference, VA leaders outlined the agency’s efforts to consolidate technical advances around a singular focus on improving user experience.

Convening for a VA-centered panel hosted by Chief Modernization Officer Suraf Asgedom, Chief of Staff of the Veterans Experience Office Lee Becker, Director of Enterprise Measurement Anil Tilbe, and resident statistician David Maron outlined how the agency’s increasingly sophisticated IT initiatives ultimately return to this recent push towards reforming veterans care.

Summarizing the agency’s perspective, Asgedom emphasized three pillars of the VA’s ongoing modernization efforts - to transform systems, simplify operations, and empower both VA employees and veterans to embrace change. Despite the sheer breadth of agency reforms, Asgedom noted they centered on a single philosophy, “This is driven in support of customer service.”...

AI processing and data management can ultimately be used to improve customer care and human-centered design for these complex segments, Tilbe concluded.

Source: GovernmentCIO Media