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Friday, September 27, 2019

How to develop digital dexterity in your organization | HR Technology - People Matters

Manav Seth, freelance feature writer at People Matters How dexterous have organizations been in developing a digital-ready workforce and being ready for the future?

Photo:  People Matters
What is digital dexterity? 
Digital dexterity can be considered as the ability to leverage new-age technologies and information in innovative ways to transform existing business practices and succeed in the digital age. Naturally, organizations and employees that have a higher level of digital dexterity are more likely to make the most of new ways of working. Several factors, like organizational agility, workplace culture, leadership priorities, long-term vision, and a willingness to experiment, contribute to an organization’s digital dexterity.

However, despite the importance of being ready for the future and being digitally dexterous, research suggests that organizations are struggling to build digital capacities. For example, one study found the overall readiness for digital transformation in companies has declined from 2012 to 2018. Similarly, Gartner found that 83 percent of leaders struggle to make meaningful progress on digital transformation, and merely 7 to 18 percent of organizations around the world possess digital dexterity...

How to develop digital dexterity?
Developing digital dexterity in an organization requires reimagining how we have been undertaking skilling and training so far. We need a tremendous amount of collaboration and coordination throughout the organization to develop mission-driven teams that are goal-oriented and follow the values and beliefs of the organization. A few factors include having clear goals and projects, incentives-based on skills and abilities, minimal hierarchies, free flow of information and feedback, and high levels of trust and transparency. Here are a few other vital strategies to successfully develop digital dexterity in your organization:

Source: People Matters