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Thursday, September 05, 2019

Blended Learning at Mitchell Hamline – Academics | Mitchell Hamline News

We do online legal education right—on your time 
Mitchell Hamline’s blended learning option combines the best of distance learning with the best of in-person instruction.

We understand that the greatest benefit of online education is that we can make it fit your life. All of your online legal education is done on your time. You set the schedule for your studies.

In January 2015, Mitchell Hamline became the first ABA-approved law school in the nation to offer students the chance to earn a law degree through a blend of online and on-campus instruction. The program was called the Hybrid J.D., continues Mitchell Hamline News.

By January 2018, the earliest graduates were finishing the program. Since then, dozens more have graduated, and blended-learning alums from Mitchell Hamline have passed the bar and are working as licensed attorneys around the country.

Because we were the first, Mitchell Hamline has had the time to build on our technological platform and continuously improve our instructional techniques. We extended the Hybrid J.D. program format to an Executive and a Weekend option, including  a popular case-study workshop component in which students learn firsthand from lawyers and participants in actual cases...

The newest evolution of blended learning launches in fall 2020. The newest evolution of blended learning is a single enrollment option that includes the best elements of the Hybrid, Executive, and Weekend offerings.

It is a four-year program that can be finished in three years. It has substantial on-campus time that includes the case-study workshop; a flexible design that allows students to customize their schedules and curriculum; and an “asynchronous” structure that allows students to complete the online portion of their studies entirely on their own schedule.
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Source: Mitchell Hamline News