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Sunday, September 08, 2019

I Recommend These 3 Classic Business Books to Everyone on My Team | Business Books - Inc.

If you want to master your craft, here's some advice: read books, says David Cancel is founder and CEO of Drift.

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I talk a lot about role models and mentors. And one of the things I do when looking for a role model is to look for lessons, experts and authors who have stood the test of time. I've found that most of what you need to learn can be found in books that have been around for decades, or even hundreds of years. 

This is why we have bookshelves in our office, full of books for the taking, and the Drift Book Club, where anyone in the company can request a book they're interested in reading. 

At any given time, I'm reading multiple books. But here are three books that I recommend to everyone on my team...

The best part about these three books is that they have nothing to do with with specific programs or software. But, I go back to them time and time again. Because the lessons I've learned from them have everything to do with how I think about the company we're building and the experience I want to create.

Source: Inc.