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Saturday, April 18, 2020

P.E.I. music teachers turn to online learning amid pandemic | Local - The Guardian

Grace Biswas, Student journalist observes, Many music students across the Island haven’t missed a beat since the province declared a public health emergency last month.

A lot of music instructors are now teaching their students online, via conferencing apps such as Zoom.
Photo: Grace Biswas
To adhere to social distancing measures during the coronavirus (COVID-19 strain) pandemic, instructors have moved their lessons online.

At Holland College School of Performing Arts (SoPa), students have been recording and submitting performances online, and instructors are recording lectures and have set up a chat room for students to ask questions...

Corcoran said close to 70 per cent of the students in the program have returned to their homes.

"We have quite a lot of international students who decided to return back home to the 
Bahamas, several students went back to the U.S.,” he said. 

“Some students are not international but live on the other side of Canada, so we have to work with so many time zones and co-ordinate sessions."

Source: The Guardian