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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

How to Stop Interrupting People in Virtual Meetings | Communication - The Learning Blog

Rachel Lefkowitz, Brand and Content Marketing Manager, Learning Solutions at LinkedIn suggest, In this new world of remote work, it takes extra effort to be a good listener. And if you’re prone to interrupting others, video calls aren’t making it any easier to break that habit!

How to Stop Interrupting People in Virtual Meetings
It’s tough to gauge when someone is finished speaking and when it’s your turn to contribute.

I struggle with this myself, especially over video calls. That’s the reason I watched Dorie Clark’s course, Improving Your Listening Skills. “Interrupting is one of the most common conversational sins, but it can be incredibly hard to stop yourself," she says...

To stop yourself from interrupting and start actively listening, try these three tips from Clark’s course. They've worked well for me. And by doing these three things I've also gotten better and more accurate information from my conversations and even connected with your colleagues on a much deeper level...

Listening allows you to access the nuances and root causes of difficult situations so that you can problem solve more effectively.
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Source: The Learning Blog