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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

New Book, The Brilliant, The Bad, and the Beautiful | Books - Amazon

Check out this Book by Professor Andy Miah, published by Emerald Publishing.

Photo: Emerald Publishing

Against the backdrop of an increasingly dynamic world, driven by rapid digital innovation and technological advances, drones are becoming prolific within society. 

In this book, Andy Miah delivers a comprehensive analysis of the wide-reaching applications of drones, as well as a critical interrogation of the social, cultural and moral issues that they provoke. 

Delving into philosophical discussions about the implications of drone technology, this book shines a light on their real-world applications, the challenges they pose, and what they reveal about the human condition, when faced with a future of autonomous, intelligent robots.

Publisher: Emerald Publishing Limited (28 Feb. 2020)

Source: Amazon