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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

To Master Data Visualization, Start with These 3 Books | Analytics & Data - Practical Ecommerce

Rebeca Pop, founder of Vizlogue, a data visualization and storytelling lab that offers training and 1:1 consulting services observes, Your boss requested an urgent report that shows the trends of key metrics in Google Analytics

You need to locate the data and create a few charts. What kind of charts should you choose? What colors should you use? Should you create a dashboard? Or maybe a story?

An understanding of data visualization informs all of these decisions. Here are three books to get started...

Broad Perspective
The three books provide a broad perspective and a deeper insight into the craft and science of data visualization. “Storytelling with Data” addresses design aspects. “Avoiding Data Pitfalls” stresses the importance of understanding the data. And “Info We Trust” explains the importance of data storytelling.


Source: Practical Ecommerce