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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What the FE and Skills sector can learn from home-schooling | Home Learning - FE News

Anjali Saraswathyamma, European Training and Partner Enablement Manager, Tech Data says, The current pandemic has completely changed our professional and personal lives. 

Photo: August de Richelieu from Pexels

With employees being forced to work from home, many individuals have had to balance their workload with educating their children. However, it is not only children that can benefit from a bit of home learning. The difficult times that companies are in call for a great deal of innovation, with having adopted new ways of working for themselves and their colleagues companies are now considering what new technologies and processes they might introduce.

The advancements in technology over recent years have resulted in online learning being easier to access and beneficial to both employees and organisations. With the pace of technological change increasing as a result of the pandemic, it is important that both those working in the IT and technology space and those across the business landscape understand the latest developments in the technology market and how to apply them to their business’ or their customer’s business challenges.

With social distancing measures making in-person training courses a thing of the distant future, an increasing number of people at home have been enrolling onto online learning courses...

For the learning strategies of any organisation, online learning has been an essential part of their efforts to keep their team’s skills sharp and their knowledge at the cutting edge. Whilst adoption has been accelerated by the pandemic, it would seem that the benefits of online learning mean it will be leveraged more often in the future.  

Source: FE News