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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Woman completes bachelor’s and masters degree, becomes a homeowner and starts a PhD aged 21 | Education -

'After the PhD, well I’m planning on having a lie down.', observes Faima Bakar, Journalist at

She became the youngest masters graduate at her university
Photo: Caters News Agency
Pakeezah Zubairi, 21, from Florida, finished secondary school with 18 months worth of university credits.

She took after-hours classes and tests so by the time she started her bachelor’s degree in Psychology she could skip the first half of the course.

Completing her bachelor’s in record time, just before her 19th birthday, she then also completed her MBA in Human Resources Management and became the youngest student to get an MBA at Lynn University, a few days before turning 20.

Throughout her MBA, Pakeezah also worked full-time and saved enough money to buy a house...

‘I’m the youngest student to ever graduate from an MBA business course at my university and that feels amazing...

Her new goal is to start a PhD in Industrial Organisational Psychology, which she is currently working on getting accepted into now.