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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Digital Transformation: It’s Time | EDUCAUSE Review

Digital transformation can help higher education meet three unavoidable challenges ahead: mounting financial pressures, changes in the college experience, and ongoing uncertainty. It’s time to think differently.

Digital transformation (Dx) may sound like a distraction in today's environment, but it may also be essential, writes Dr. Diana G. Oblinger, President Emeritus of EDUCAUSE.

Of the many challenges already facing higher education, three have become unavoidable since the onset of COVID-19...

How Can We Reach People Where They Are? 
It's time to use digital transformation to extend and enhance the college experience. Even if a campus is closed, we try to stay in touch using technology to communicate and to maintain a sense of community. Whether or not classes and staff meetings continue to be offered via Zoom or other videoconferencing systems, our recent "remote" existence reinforces the importance of maintaining the human experience in higher education and of reaching people wherever they are. Without the physical proximity of a campus, we must find different ways to learn, maintain connections, and support each other...

Making Complexity Manageable 
It can be hard to reach students who are distracted. The intent of much of student-directed communication is to elicit action, such as to register for classes or apply for financial aid. However, simply providing information may not be sufficient. People make decisions with imperfect information, in part because we have limited cognitive capacity. For example, students with young children have nearly 90 extra hours of tasks every week, resulting in "time poverty."18 We tend to focus on what stands out, not necessarily what is most important. Behavioral science, the study of how people make decisions and either do or do not follow through, can enhance communication. When combined with texts or emails, it can provide a "nudge."...

We may think that we don't have time for digital transformation right now. But if we make time for it, time may be what we get in return.
The last few months have taught everyone in higher education a lot about our digital capability, our agility, and our needs. Now is the time to capitalize on what we've learned to make higher education stronger. It's time for digital transformation.
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Source: EDUCAUSE Review