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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In class, anytime by JILL ROSEN

Getting a college degree isn't easy for Watina Green.
She's juggling a heavy course load of entertainment-management classes with a full-time job as an executive assistant.
Despite her best efforts, every once in a while she can't make it to class. But that's not to say she misses a class.

She can log on to her computer at home and with the push of a button, hear the voice of her professor, possibly see him or her in action, and watch the same presentation her classmates were able to experience.
"I very rarely miss a class because classes are very important to me," Green says. "But recently I did miss a class, psychology, because of something going on at work that I had to be involved in. I got home and that night I was able to log on and listen to the class, take notes and when I got back in class the following Thursday, it was like I had never missed a class."
Putting college lectures online isn't revolutionary. Schools such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California, Berkeley, have recorded campus events and speeches by star professors and loading them onto popular Web services like YouTube and iTunes. But anyone can go online and watch those videos, unlike Coppin's lectures, which are only accessible to students enrolled in the classes.