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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lang-8 Service

Jaered has been in touch to reminds us about a website called lang-8, which is a website where users can write journal entries in the language that they are learning, and then get it corrected by someone who is native in that language.

Lang-8 is a SNS (Social Networking Service) site for language exchange and international communication.
In this site, you can write in the language you are studying, and other users (whose native language is the language you are studying) can correct your diary. And you can also correct the diaries of those who are studying your native language.
You are able to not only learn a language, but help teach others your own language as well.
For example, if there is a Japanese person studying English and an American person studying Japanese, the American can correct the English entries of the Japanese, and the Japanese, in turn, can correct the Japanese-written entries of the American.
It helps to make teaching one's native language simpler and takes less time than traditional teaching methods and it is also very beneficial to be taught and corrected by a native speaker of the language you are studying.
In this way, with lang-8, users can teach and learn a language as well as have international exchanges with each other.

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