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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

40 Awesome Conferences for Forward-Thinking Professors

Carol Brown has been in touch to remind us about this recent published article below.

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These days, there's an academic conference out there for just about any interest. From studying the social and cultural ramifications of Jersey Shore to exploring the latest breakthroughs in genetic engineering, there's no end to what the enterprising professor (or college student) can find.
While many conferences may look to the past, many more are looking to the future, examining education, social structures, sexuality, religion, and other topics from a modern, and sometimes even future-looking, point of view. If you're looking to learn, share, and present on the cutting edge, consider checking out one of these amazing academic get-togethers. You may just find one that's a perfect match for your latest paper or research interests.

Learn more about the leading edge of teaching at these innovative conferences.

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