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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Website connects teachers and students around the world by Jennifer Amato

"About four months ago, physical education teacher Sarah Diller approached Jeffrey Bradbury of the music department at North Brunswick Township High School." writes Jennifer Amato.

She saw Bradbury’s use of an Apple iPad in the classroom, as well as a projector screen and a computer, and inquired about how to use the iPad in class.

Bradbury had already been podcasting last year, asking students to create a 20- minute video on the history of rock and roll, and letting fifth-graders in a summer program interview teachers and principals.

“I’ve always been able to teach with technology and get kids to understand they are not just teaching themselves but they are teaching each other,” he said.

Welcome to TeacherCast 

So began the inspiration for, a website Bradbury created in September as “a place for teachers to help other teachers,” according to his motto. Because there is a growing need for educators to effectively understand and utilize modern methods in the classroom, he included blogs, app reviews, video demonstrations, screen casts, a career center and other resources on a free database for teachers across the globe.

Another part of TeacherCast is the Live- Binders section. Students create digital portfolios that represent a three-ring binder for anyone to see. Content, research projects and assignments are listed in a digital textbook type format. Students can see how many people are viewing their sites, and receive feedback as well.

Source: North Brunswick Sentinel