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Sunday, December 11, 2011

International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies Vol 5, No 4 (2011)

International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM) has published its latest issue.


Review the Table of Contents below and then visit the website to review articles and items of interest.

The Effectiveness of Mobile Learning in the Form of Performance Support System in Higher Education

By Samira Muhammad Ismail, Paulo Victor de Oliveira Miguel and Gilmar Barreto     

Students in engineering education need high-quality educational materials, and what is the most important, continually up-to-dated courses. The students need a possibility to self-assess their skills and knowledge as the learning steps for improvement - the courses, will provide them knowledge on the newest achievements in the field of engineering.

The complexity of the knowledge and skills, necessary to perform successfully the tasks, determines the learners’ needs of “practical learning”. The view of learning process, as а performance-centered, is highly effective as a means of providing students in engineering education timely and relevant information. Performance-centered educational systems have a strong potential to help students mastering job-related skills.

This paper presents m-learning as a form of performance support system for educational and training purposes in higher education. m-Learning solutions integrate mobile devices within the learning process to help students perform a task by providing information, guidance, and learning experiences when and where they are needed.

Developing Mobile Collaborative Learning Applications for Mobile Users
By Kwang B Lee

With the rapid growth wireless communication technologies, the number of mobile applications have been developing. One of them is approached for mobile learning area since it is unique in its own way and offers learning opportunities anywhere and anytime.
Mobile collaborative learning (MCL) is a small group learning application based on mobile devices. MCL is a new exciting research area in which students can earn knowledge about a topic and concept via communicating with others by a mobile device.

This paper introduces describes the theoretical and technical foundations for designing and developing an effective MCL environment. Also, the paper describes a new approach for building the MCL application towards mobile technology. The prototype will be constructed using Android operating system with suggesting necessary infrastructure and middleware. Finally, the paper include the result of a usability test to find valuable hidden facilitating issues to efficiently access and obtain the class contents in collaborative learning environment.

Source: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies