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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adapt Courseware develops e-learning tool by Jinelle Shengulette

John Boersma understands that one-size-fits-all learning approaches are rarely the most effective.

Photo: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

The former assistant professor at the University of Rochester would cover specific material at specific times in his classroom and expect his students to keep the pace. But he learned that those expectations weren’t the most realistic.

Boersma, 52, of Pittsford, was inspired by his time in the classroom to design online courses, dubbed Adapt Courseware, to help individualize the learning experience for students.

“At Adapt Courseware, we believe that learning can and should be personalized. Students come to school with varying intellectual abilities, strengths and gaps. Schools can increase the likelihood of success if they deliver an educational experience that recognizes this,” said the CEO and founder.

We connected with Boersma recently to discuss who is currently using the program, how he is sharing the stage with Lucille Ball and more.

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Source: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle