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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Three Ways to Use Online Training from OpenSesame: Online, via CourseCloud™ or in Your LMS

Whether you're a developer looking to publish courses or a training director in need of content for your LMS, OpenSesame makes buying and selling e-Learning as easy as downloading a song from iTunes.

Kelly Meeker
Kelly Meeker, OpenSesame Community Manager writes, "OpenSesame is an online marketplace for training courses, with more than 20,000 courses from 250 different sellers."

With OpenSesame, buyers can shop for courses from different sellers, preview courses, and read reviews before making a purchase. OpenSesame offers unprecendented flexibility in buying and using online training courses.

Buying Courses on OpenSesame
There are two easy ways to purchase courses from OpenSesame:
  1. eCommerce: Shop our elearning marketplace and purchase licenses for only the courses you need. Buy all the seats you need to advantage of volume discounts. With our simple ecommerce marketplace, OpenSesame makes purchasing elearning courses as simple and familiar as shopping on
  2. Pay-Per-Use: Share your training objectives and the OpenSesame content team will create a curriculum of training courses to meet your goals. Load course licenses into your LMS and connect your learners with a wide array of training content. OpenSesame will bill your company monthly for only the courses you actually use. Use OpenSesame’s Pay-Per-Use pricing to access offer training without an expensive, long-term contract.

OpenSesame Tour

OpenSesame Now Offers More Than 5,000 Courses for iPad & iPhone

Kelly Meeker also wrotes, "We are proud to announce that OpenSesame now offers more than 5,000 courses that work on iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices."

Workers in today’s knowledge economy need access to training content that works on their favorite mobile tools - especially on best-selling iPads. To meet this increasing demand, OpenSesame has developed technology that enables users to access a large selection of courses on iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices.

OpenSesame’s CourseCloud

As an elearning marketplace, we’re focused on making it easy for you to use elearning courses in whatever way is most convenient for you. That’s why courses you purchase on OpenSesame will work in any SCORM-compliant learning management system. Our latest feature, CourseCloud™, makes elearning work for companies who don’t have a learning management system (LMS) or who need a simple, instant way to distribute courses to small groups.
CourseCloud™ delivery lets you purchase, take and distribute courses with just a web browser. Use CourseCloud™ to invite your employees to take courses with a simple email - and you can see on your dashboard if they have started, completed or passed the course.
OpenSesame’s CourseCloud™ enables businesses of any size to:
  • Send simple email invitations to take training on
  • Connect employees to training courses instantly
  • Deliver and track courses without a learning management system
Check out CourseCloud™ in action:

Email Course Delivery

OpenSesame Infographic: The Anatomy of 20,000+ Courses
Take a closer look at this OpenSesame Infographic by OpenSesam.

20,000 eLearning courses available instantly from OpenSesame!!!
Source: The OpenSesame Blog and OpenSesameVideo Channel (YouTube)