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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ASU Education Startup Tackles Problems with Online Learning; Steps Out of Beta steps out of beta and challenges anyone who would like to learn new skills in programming, instruments, sports (basically anything) with their user-generated “Tracks” that answer the question every beginner has: “Where do I begin?”


On January 12, 2013, during a year which has been projected to be the biggest year for e-learning, six ASU students will make history.

They’ll be launching the newest online learning solution:, a website designed for taking the guesswork out of trying to learn a new skill for beginners. The website hopes to make self-learning easier by answering the questions every beginning learner asks – Where do I start? How do I begin? Which resources are the best to use?

Onvard provides a starting point that no other e-learning solution currently provides, drawing from the experiences of the team members’ own problems with finding quality resources. The site’s users will finally have a step-by-step collection of resources, known as a “Track” and curated by experts, which will give learners all the resources to become an expert in almost anything.

Simply put, users will spend more time learning and less time trying to navigate the expansive world wide web.

Keith Ryu, the site’s founder and a current finance and computer information systems major at Arizona State University, started building the site with his two friends, after growing frustrated trying to learn the Ruby programming language. “There was no way for us to distinguish the good resources from the bad. Even when we knew what to look for, we were forced to pick the first resources off irrelevant criteria,” Ryu elaborated.

It certainly can be a challenge to improve in any skill, but that's a challenge that shouldn't be passed up. “Online education should be free and easily accessible to everyone,” Ryu said. “Onvard bridges that gap between beginning learners and existing educational content.”

Since its beta launch in February 2012, has had 250 signups and generated 30 tracks, offering the best online resources in Photoshop to basketball.

About Onvard

What is Onvard?
We a curating platform for educational content.

Onvard helps you learn something new when you don’t know where to start. We make self-learning easier by answering the question every beginning learner asks – “Where do I start, how do I begin, and which resources are the best to use?”

Who's Onvard for?
Let’s say you’ve set out to master web development. Or juggling. Or Photoshop. Naturally, you Google “Photoshop for beginners.” And you know what pops up? Hundreds of supposedly awesome Photoshop tutorials. Unfortunately, as a beginner, you have no way of knowing which ones are good and bad. That’s where Onvard comes in.

Onvard takes all the guesswork out of trying to learn a new skill.

Onvard provides a starting point that takes you from absolute beginner to the point where you know enough to start on your own for just exactly what you need. With Onvard, you will find which resources experts really recommend, and follow the same steps that the experts took to get to where they are today. Let us give you all the resources to become an expert in almost anything. We’ve put all the worthwhile videos, best books and quality tutorials into one Track so you can spend your time learning instead of trying to navigate the web.

Experts and Curators
Are you an expert in something? Have a skill you want to share?

Do you remember how you became an expert? Have an excellent video you watched, book you read, or tutorial you used?

If so, then you can help others by sharing those resources and insights from your learning experience!
Share your knowledge now!.