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Sunday, December 16, 2012

StraightAce: A Mobile App To Help Math Students Stay Ahead

With American students falling increasingly behind in their mathematical proficiency, teachers and parents are turning to the power of games to help turn the trend around.

Photo: StraightAce

Benesse, a Japanese education giant, has joined the cause with the introduction of StraightAce, a mobile app to help reluctant math students improve their skills.

The app, compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, is designed for middle school students who are struggling with math. Two thirds of middle school students in the United States are currently behind in math; if not remedied early on, this achievement gap can last long after students leave school.

Educational apps add an interactive, mobile component to learning that a textbook does not have, and StraightAce is no different. I registered because I wanted to brush up on my sixth grade math, and I found it quite beneficial. It has a number of handy features that not only make using the tool more enjoyable for students, but also allow parents to be involved in the learning process

Because it allows students to proceed at their own pace, the app can reduce the anxiety that inhibits so many kids from learning math. And hopefully it will help close the achievement gap during those critical years of middle school.

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