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Monday, September 07, 2015

Free eBook - An Interactive Approach to eLearning Design for Adults by Raptivity

In the foreword team Raptivity writes, "Adults learn differently than children and teenagers. They have certain perceptions about the learning process and have special needs as learners. These needs should be taken care of while designing and developing an eLearning course for adults."

One of the principles of Adult Learning Theory states that adults enjoy active learning than passive listening or reading. They also seek some degree of control over the learning content and process.

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Learner Engagement is paramount, for the success of an eLearning course for adult learners. In an instructor-led training, the instructor/trainer interacts directly with learners and ensures that they are tied up in the course.
However it’s altogether a different ball game for selfpaced eLearning courses. It’s challenging to make adults active participants in the eLearning course. Interactivity and interactions play an important role there.

This eBook focuses on how adults learn and how interactivity helps make eLearning courses highly engaging and productive for them. The book begins with an introduction to Adult Learning. It then expounds various levels of interactivity and examples of interactions for each level.
It also explains the instructional usage of each type of interaction. This eBook will suggest you some interactions to add while creating an interactive eLearning course for
adult learners.

Here's what this eBook covers:
  • How do adults learn?
  • Important points to consider while designing an eLearning course for adults
  • Levels of interactivity and how they can be harnessed for adult learning
  • Examples of interactions for each level of interactivity along with the instructional usage of each
Not just this, there is much more. Fill out the form to download this complimentary eBook and dive into the sea of Adult Learning.
Download this complimentary eBook

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Source: Harbinger Knowledge Products