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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Music teacher buys giant piano for his students

"Justin Neilsen's music class starts the same way everyday -- with a drum circle and a little cowbell." continues WTSP 10 News.

Kids love to play on Justin Neilsen's monster piano. 
Photo: KTVB

Neilsen's School of Music in Eagle has just about every instrument it could possibly need in its limited space.

But Justin will tell you there is one piece he would love to procure.

"Wanted one for a long time but never had one," he said.

It's a gimmicky gadget you may have already seen.

"How old would I have been in the 80s when I saw Tom Hanks do it," said Neilsen.

The FAO Schwartz big piano became almost as big as the movie "Big," carrying a price tag that is also big -- around $300,000.

So where would Justin find a dancing grand piano that didn't break his bank?

"Well we call it the Monster Piano," said Ken Cenell.

As it happens, just down the road.

Ken Cenell considers himself an entrepreneur, marketing almost everything -- from magazines to laser printers to monster pianos.

"Just describes that it's a piano and it's a monster," said Cenell.

It took Ken six months to make his first one out of wood and about a mile of wire.

Now, it's high-grade acrylic and sophisticated software.
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Source: WTSP 10 News