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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Going To Training? Some Hints by Robert Bacal

Photo: Robert Bacal
In this article Robert Bacal provides some practical hints, tips and steps that learners and training participants can take before, during and after training seminars to get the most from attending training and training seminars. 

Training is what you make of it. It’s a blank slate and it’s up to you what you get from it. 
Photo: BlogNotions' HR Blog

People attend training for a lot of reasons. The obvious one is to learn some new skills to use on the job or to further one’s career. There are other reasons too. Sometimes training sessions provide an opportunity to visit with people you don’t ordinarily see and find out what’s going on elsewhere. Or, sometimes, it’s just a pleasant (hopefully) break from the usual routine.

If you are attending training, whether it’s for learning new software, or to learn to cope with stress, what you learn from it is going to depend on what you put in, and how you plan the process. In this article we’ll provide some hints so you can maximize your learning and make use of what you have learned on your job (or perhaps the next one).


There’s lots of training out there, some of it great, some average, and some poor. Since tastes differ, it’s hard to help you choose what will work for YOU. However, if you have a choice of choosing the training you will attend, compare the topics to be covered to your own needs (see next section). Don’t make your decision based on the length of a course. Often the shorter ones will only give you an overview and not help you use new learning on the job. Ask around to see if others have attended the course, and solicit their opinions, but remember that tastes differ. If the course you are interested in is offered internationally by a large company, you can ask on the Internet.


Source: BlogNotions' HR Blog