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Thursday, February 04, 2016

February’s Notices of the American Mathematical Society

Photo: Frank Morgan.

"February’s Notices of the American Mathematical Society is dedicated to Louis Nirenberg for his lifelong contributions to mathematics." inform the Editor, Frank Morgan.

"I plan to be a great mathematician": AN NFL Lineman Shows He's One of Us  (PDF)
By Stephen D. Miller

Exploring the Unknown: The Work of Louis Nirenberg on Partial Differential Equations (PDF)
By Tristan Riviere 

Interview with Louis Nirenberg (PDF) 
By Martin Raussen and Christian Skau 

Recent Applications of Nirenberg's Classical Ideas (PDF)
Communicated by Christina Sormani 

WHAT IS... Gauss Curvature? (PDF)  

The Notices is the world's most widely read magazine aimed at professional mathematicians.

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Biography Louis Nirenberg - The Abel Prize (PDF)

Source: American Mathematical Society (AMS)