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Friday, February 05, 2016

These technologies are grabbing higher-ed’s attention by Laura Devaney, Director of News, K-12 and Higher Education.

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"In this week's news, universities are partnering with the cybersecurity industry to close the skills gap; a survey reveals what online students really want; and colleges in Minnesota try new recruitment and enrollment strategies." summarizes

Catch up on the most compelling higher-ed news stories you may have missed this week.

Each Friday, Laura Devaney will be bringing you a recap of some of the most interesting and thought-provoking news developments that occurred over the week.

I can’t fit all of our news stories here, though, so feel free to visit and read up on other news you may have missed.

Photo: eCampus News

In this week’s news:

Universities look to cybersecurity partnerships
By teaming up with industry cybersecurity providers, universities are hoping to produce more highly-skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Minn. colleges try new recruitment, enrollment strategies
Minnesota colleges have responded to enrollment drops by changing programming, recruitment strategies and enrollment models.

10 must-haves to appease online students
A large-scale survey recognizes often-contradictory demands from students and offers recommendations for programs.

Stanford expands community college success program
The College Perspectives Program uses research-tested methods to increase community college students’ achievement and motivation.

Source: eCampus News