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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chi-Hi music department encourages students to "unplug"

Photo: Noelle Anderson
Noelle Anderson, Multimedia Journalist summarizes,  "Chi-Hi music department encourages students to "unplug""

Ear buds and headphones are just about as common as backpacks around schools these days.

With students on their phones and electronics constantly, the music department at Chi-Hi presented a challenge to students to reduce the screen time.

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“They are taking on an Unplug Challenge to try and stay fully unplugged from any technology and any electronics,” says choir director, Ron Buckles.

That's right, unplugged for 24 hours, with no phone, gaming systems, TV shows, or even computer… aside from school work of course.

Photo: WEAU

Buckles, says the idea came from a colleague who traveled to a summer camp where students went without their devices for an entire eight weeks.

“We know we have to have technology, we know it's a beautiful thing in many ways, but we see a lot of unbalanced situations with using it and not using it. We want them to think about it and consider, at this young age, where is this going and is it healthy? What does it mean to really look in somebodies eyes and connect with them?” says Buckles.

So far… students at Chi-Hi are having some trouble adjusting...

Students say they hope the campaign changes their behavior for the better.

“It's unfortunate we live in a society where everyone has their head down texting all the time. You figure two minutes per text message and you're doing that 15-20 minutes a day, just do the math, that's an hour, even more you could be practicing music, doing your homework, something more important,” says orchestra student Blake Nolan.

Source: WEAU