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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Here’s how Coursera delivers impactful online learning to future technocrats | Gizmodo India

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"Who wouldn’t agree with this famous quote that “Technology makes world a new place”? If you too get fascinated with the mind-boggling developments that take place in the tech world and foster a dream to be a future technocrat, Coursera is there to help you out." writes Saba Haider, Copy Editor, Gizmodo India.

Photo: Gizmodo India

Coursera has built a world-class team, attracting engineers from top Silicon Valley companies such as Google, Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn and many others. The company has a vision to build a technology platform that enables truly life-transforming learning experiences for anyone in all corners of the globe.

It has also come out with some of the technology innovations to address issues in delivering impactful online learning.

Coursera helps you find and complete the right course for yourself
This education-focused technology company now has a recommendations engine that will tell you about courses and specializations that teach the skills you need; kind of like a career counselor. Learners no longer need to find their way through thousands of Coursera courses. With just a few clicks, they can define a goal for themselves and be presented with the most efficient path to reaching that goal.

The next thing to help you is a progress tracking tools. According to Coursera, “Our early data suggests that learners who have access to these features are over 10% more likely to complete a course successfully overall. In developing these features, we drew inspiration from pedagogical best practices as well as fitness trackers and financial planning apps. We also recently introduced a subscription model that encourages learners to complete courses more often and more quickly.”

Apart from this, Coursera is the only online education platform to offer university courses through “flexible sessions” that provides learners with the flexibility to complete on their own schedule while also providing enough motivation to stick to deadlines. Courses have start dates every few weeks and weekly deadlines. But if life gets in the way, they can switch to a different session with just a click.

Source: Gizmodo India 

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