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Saturday, November 26, 2016

What are you reading? – 24 November 2016 | Books | Times Higher Education (THE)

"A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers" summarizes Times Higher Education (THE).

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Carina Buckley, instructional design manager, Southampton Solent University, is reading Teffi’s Rasputin and Other Ironies (Pushkin Press, 2016). “A playwright, author, journalist and social observer, Teffi lived through some of Russia’s most tumultuous years before eventually emigrating to Paris in 1919... 

Sir David Bell, vice-chancellor of the University of Reading, is reading Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: A History of Violence and Humanity (Penguin, 2012). “When The Better Angels of Our Nature was published in 2011, it was acclaimed as an outstanding piece of scholarship that drew from a number of disciplines...

Sharon Wheeler, visiting lecturer in media and communications, Coventry University, is reading Angus MacVicar’s Duel in Glenfinnan (Endeavour Press, 2016).
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Source: Times Higher Education (THE)

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