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Saturday, November 19, 2016

What’s Going Down With Artificial Intelligence? | Trendintech

"The world as we know it is changing fast and it’s time to embrace a world of advanced technology and artificial intelligence (AI)" notes

So, what can AI do already and where can we expect it to be going?  Many people have warmed to the idea that a world of AI is imminent and can actually benefit most businesses in a number of ways.  AI is already being used in web search, finance, media, advertising, e-commerce, logistics and more and it will transform many industries completely.

Almost all AI systems will follow the same pattern in that some form of input data is used to quickly form a simple response and have been rapidly improving since the beginning and some also use built in deep learning techniques to mimic a human brain and to achieve maximum results. Studies suggest that if it takes a person less than one second of thought to carry out a particular task, then it will probably be automated by AI in the very near future if not already.
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Source: Trendintech (press release)