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Friday, May 19, 2017

Gain an affordable international degree | Borneo Bulletin Online - National

"MALAYSIA has become an important higher education destination for international students from all over the world." continues Borneo Bulletin Online


The Malaysian Government has led considerable efforts over the last few years to make Malaysia an education hub for the region and beyond.

Bruneian students recognise the quality and choice that Malaysian institutions offer and Malaysia now attracts a significant proportion of Bruneians studying overseas.

Students will have the opportunity to find out about the exciting range of study options available in Malaysia at the StudyMalaysia Exhibition on May 21 at The Empire Hotel & Country Club.

The biggest draw for Malaysian institutions is the opportunity to gain a world-class qualification at a fraction of the cost. Malaysian private universities and colleges have set up strategic partnerships with leading institutions in the UK, US, Australia, France etc to offer foreign qualifications in Malaysia.

The student therefore has the assurance that the programme has gone through a rigorous quality control.

One of the options is the ‘3+0’ degree format whereby the student completes the entire degree in Malaysia but is awarded with a foreign degree qualification from the partner university overseas. The syllabus and assessment are the same as the partner university and the qualification will be identical to that obtained at the overseas institution.

Another attractive and cost-effective option is to enter a twinning degree programme – this is a transnational ‘2+0’ or ‘1+2’ degree programme whereby the student completes part of the course in Malaysia and then continues the studies at the twinning partner university. The student saves considerable money by doing part of the degree in Malaysia and also fulfils his dream of studying in a western university.

Malaysia has become a country of choice for reputable foreign universities to set up their branch campuses – currently there are 10 such campuses. Students have the option of completing their full degree in Malaysia or can spend one or two semesters at the main campus.