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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Suggested Book of the Week 19

Photo: Greg Miller
Photo: Patrick McDaniel
Photo: Louis S. Warren
Check these books out below by Louis S. Warren, American historian and a W. Turrentine Jackson Professor of Western U.S. History at the University of California, Davis, Patrick McDaniel, founder of and Greg Miller, Professor at the University of California, Davis.

God's Red Son: The Ghost Dance Religion and the Making of Modern America

God's Red Son:
The Ghost Dance Religion and the Making of Modern America
In 1890, on Indian reservations across the West, followers of a new religion danced in circles until they collapsed into trances. In an attempt to suppress this new faith, the US Army killed over two hundred Lakota Sioux at Wounded Knee Creek. Louis Warren's God's Red Son offers a startling new view of the religion known as the Ghost Dance, from its origins in the visions of a Northern Paiute named Wovoka to the tragedy in South Dakota. To this day, the Ghost Dance remains widely mischaracterized as a primitive and failed effort by Indian militants to resist American conquest and return to traditional ways...

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Numerical Analysis for Engineers and Scientists 
Numerical Analysis for Engineers and Scientists
Striking a balance between theory and practice, this graduate-level text is perfect for students in the applied sciences. The author provides a clear introduction to the classical methods, how they work and why they sometimes fail. Crucially, he also demonstrates how these simple and classical techniques can be combined to address difficult problems. Many worked examples and sample programs are provided to help the reader make practical use of the subject material...

Source: Ancient Origins, TradePub and Cambridge University Press