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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Social Media Ads Can Increase Sales: These Stats Prove It | Rocks Digital

Photo: Mark Toney
"Social media pays off. Here are some stats to support why" summarizes Mark Toney, CEO of Lucé Media – a social and digital strategy, research and content company.
Photo: Rocks Digital (blog)

Social media is rapidly becoming the major commercial influencer. With the ability to directly connect potential customers to products and services, social media ads can be the quickest and most direct channel for companies to increase sales.

Algorithms Help Social Media Ads Reach the Right Customer 
The days when people waited for someone to come to the door and sell them knives, or when they waited for a monthly catalog, are long gone. The continued disappearance of large brick-and-mortar stores has long indicated a changing marketplace.

Now, consumers are increasingly getting most of their information, including news, from social media. So too for their purchases. Intuitive algorithms make it so users no longer need to search for a product on a company’s site. Instead, specific products or services can be advertised directly to them.

Social Media Ads Can Pay Off – Here’s Why and How 
By reviewing a few key statistics, we can see how clearly and effectively social media works in the marketplace...

Adapt, Evolve and Grow Sales with Social Media Ads  
Companies looking to allocate resources for social media ads should understand the benefits of this. The numbers show that the money exists, and people are spending it. If a business does not take advantage of this major market, they risk failing to adapt, and that means a diminished ability to grow their sales.

As we all know, failure to adapt usually results in extinction, so keep your business evolving by leveraging social media ads!

Source: Rocks Digital (blog)