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Friday, October 12, 2007

Internet2 upgrades to 100 Gbps

Faster, more flexible network will allow even greater research possibilities

University scholars who need to borrow large chunks of bandwidth for their studies will be able to establish a dedicated, 10 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) link from one facility to another over Internet2 beginning in January, officials from the ultra high-speed network say.
The new development, which will allow researchers to deploy extra bandwidth as needed for short periods of time, is part of an ambitious effort to upgrade Internet2's network infrastructure. That effort--which boosts the network's overall operating speed to 100 Gbps--is now complete, the organization announced Oct. 9 at its annual Fall Member Meeting.
The Internet2 network connects more than 200 member universities to aid in research and education. As part of the upgrade, each segment of the network now features a set of ten 10-Gbps links, each running on a separate wavelength of light, for a total of 100 Gbps of bandwidth. What's more, Internet2's developers say they can scale each segment to handle up to 100 wavelengths in the future, for another tenfold increase in the network's capacity.

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Source: eSchool News