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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

See 2007's Best Online Courses from the Brandon Hall Research

Be sure to check out this new report containing 19 case studies and 17 excerpt recordings of the best custom content entries.

The case studies contained in this report feature:
  • A screen capture of the winning course
  • A link to view an online video recording of the entry
  • A description of the problem the course was designed to address
  • A description of the intended audience
  • The software tools that were used to create the course
  • The staffing, effort, and budget required to create the course
  • Judges' candid comments
  • Contact information for the entrant

This report can help take your custom built online courseware to a new level.

  • Find out what content development applications leading developers use to create their high-impact courses.
  • Plan your budget and staff accordingly by seeing how professional custom content providers manage a course development project.
  • Implement the best practices of professional developers to improve the training you provide.
  • If you're considering outsourcing a course development project, this report will provide a glimpse into the styles of the best courseware creators.
Find out about this report now:

Published October 2007

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