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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FREE eBooks from The eLearning Guild!

Here are some free eBooks I thought you may find interesting.
eBooks from The eLearning Guild are guaranteed to put a wealth of information at your fingertips!

162 Tips and Tricks for Working with e-Learning Tools

In October and November 2007, The eLearning Guild conducted a survey of its members, asking for their favorite tips for using software to create e-Learning. Members could submit tips in any or all of these five categories: Courseware authoring and e-Learning development tools, rapid e-Learning tools, simulation tools, media tools, and combining and deploying authoring tools.
Published 12-18-2007.

The Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro

One of the great benefits of rapid e-learning is the ability to create e-learning courses much faster and easier than ever before. However, going faster and making your job easier are not the only considerations. That’s where this free 46-page ebook by Tom Kuhlmann comes in.

Guild Research offers research reports of the highest quality, consistency, and utility.
Guild Research reports are designed to give you a complete 360-degree view of each subject. That's why they call them Guild Research 360° Reports. Here is what you'll find in each 360° Report.

  • Survey results from thousands of e-Learning professionals
  • Essays from leading industry experts
  • Interviews with e-Learning professionals working in corporate, academic, and government settings
  • Comprehensive Case Studies and Examples
  • A comprehensive Resource Directory to lead you to other valuable information
  • A Glossary of Terms
  • A complete Index so you can use the report as a reference
  • Guild Members Choice Awards...


This 291 page Guild Research 360° Report includes over 100 pages of survey results that represent the single most comprehensive analysis of how e-Learning professionals use authoring and development tools ever undertaken.

Source: The eLearning Guild