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Sunday, November 28, 2010 Newsletter - November 2010

The e-learning Newsletter brings you news about current issues, open calls, forthcoming events and e-learning resources.Take a look at this interesting line-up below.

FORUM on Language resources and Web 2.0: the latest hype or new perspectives?.
After the Webinar on this topic, a public forum has opened in order to facilitate debate on the challenges of social media in the development of language resources and in empowering language learning. The forum should allow more opportunities for exchange, particularly in an asynchronous mode and will remain open for two months (October - December 2010). Afterwards, 3 key issues and 3 recommendations in relation to the topic of language resources in the web 2.0 era will be published. Join in to expand the discussion and interact with experts and the community!

The TC*Teacher project seeks to create an international teacher training methodology which will be based on European best practice and achievements. It will create face-to-face training courses as well as offerings for distance learning. It aims to be the first step in advancing not just technological knowledge but also teachers' pedagogical capacity in their specific subject areas.

EDEN Dublin 2011 Annual Conference. Learning and Sustainability.
The New Ecosystems of Innovation and Knowledge. 19 - 22 June 2011 (Dublin, Ireland) The aim of the 2011 EDEN conference is to highlight different ways and approaches to integrate the concept of responsible and sustainable development to learning, in its widest sense. You are invited to submit proposals for presentations in parallel sessions, posters or short demonstrations that relate to one or more of the conference themes.

12th National E-Learning Conference. 5 - 6 April 2011 (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Over the past twelve years, the National E-Learning Conference has developed into the leading platform for presenting and discussing e-learning developments in the Netherlands and Belgium. In this 12th edition, even more than in previous years, the primary focus will be on practical aspects and experience. The ‘experience plaza’ has therefore been designated the heart of this 12th edition.

Selected articles

eQSF - Setting new Quality Standards for ICT in Learning
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an increasing role in education and learning. Research shows that ICT has great potential to significantly increase learning outcomes for students.


Sixth EDEN Research Workshop,Budapest. Keynote Speakers
125 experts from 26 countries discussed the latest research results in Budapest. The engaging keynote speeches are available for download.

Education in the wild: contextual and location-based mobile learning in action
Mobile phones are becoming context-aware, with GPS positioning, recognition of objects by infrared or wireless tags, and automatic interpretation of images. They are offering opportunities to support...