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Friday, November 26, 2010

Why more and more smart students are staying home from college?

"Irish third level colleges have been slow to let their students study over the internet and off campus, but that may now be changing," writes CareersPortal.

Photo: renjith krishnan
The number of institute of technology students who aren't physically there increased by 31% last year. Part-time numbers are also rising, as mature workers and the unemployed try to increase their skills.

During the last academic year, 1,452 students were doing courses through distance learning or e-learning. Just over 500 of these students interact with the institutes almost exclusively over the internet. They can log on to lectures from anywhere in the world. They can submit questions to the lecturers as they happen, and if they miss a lecture they can catch it later. Online courses are available from the Institutes of Technology in Sligo and Blanchardstown.

Source: CareersPortal