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Monday, November 08, 2010

K12's "The Student Point of View on Online Learning" webinar is in two days

K¹² invites you to a free, live webinar: The Student Point of View on Online Learning: Are we listening?

Students have their own ideas about the value and importance of online learning. And yet, too often, students' point of view is not taken into consideration when schools and districts explore how to implement an online learning initiative.
Please join us for this free, one-hour live webinar and our distinguished panel of experts—Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow/Speak Up Research; George Warren, Vice President at K¹² Inc.; and a panel of students who currently learn online—for a webinar that will focus exclusively on students’ ideas and views about online learning.

The free online event, presented by K¹², Project Tomorrow, and ISTE, is on Tuesday, November 9 at 1 PM (Pacific); 4 PM (Eastern).
For other times, please visit World Clock.

As a participant, you'll gain a firsthand perspective on students’ strong interest in online learning and desire to drive their own education. You’ll also gain insight into how to best use online learning in your own school or district.

Don't miss this opportunityplease register online now.