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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Online Learning: A User-friendly Approach for High School and College Students by Leslie Bowman

Bowman's new book has strategies and tips that every online professor wants students to know before they sign up for an online class. 
Whatever a student's age, situation, or lifestyle, everything needed for successfully completing an online class is right here in this book.

Each chapter covers a specific element of online learning and provides the new online student with practical strategies and how-to information so that any student can go into an online classroom prepared to succeed. Bowman has provided a reference tool for students to develop self-directed learning skills that will help them become secure and knowledgeable about technology, studying, communicating online, and getting work done on time.
Published on: 2010-08-16
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About the Author

Leslie Bowman is a career educator whose experience includes teaching in elementary school and college, instructional design in Homeland Security and Educational Technology online programs, and training new online faculty. She currently teaches online undergraduate and graduate courses in English, Writing, Communications, Educational Technology, and Criminal Justice.
Her published works include articles about distance learning, online teaching, technology, school safety, a book about personal safety, and a nonfiction historical novel.

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