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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Scenarios Where I’d Pay $1000 to Access the Internet

Christine Kane has been in touch to remind us about this recently published below.
Photo: Internet Service Providers

Access to the internet, on average, is less expensive than it was a few years ago, although there are notable exceptions. The fierce competition among providers served to put a virtual ceiling on rates to access a virtual world. Now, however, in tougher economic times providers are trying to come up with ways to maximize revenues, and use-based fees are becoming popular with ISP’s.

There are times when internet access needs to provide more than basic functions, as when privacy and security concerns are at a premium, and these features can cost dearly. Other places where internet access is expensive are in countries where internet service is extremely limited and/or controlled by monopolies, government or private.

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Source: Internet Service Providers