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Sunday, September 25, 2011

App Wrap: 'UNFoundation,' 'Google Wallet' by Adam Balkin

Learn more about an app which could change the way you make your purchases in this edition of "App Wrap."

Photo: YNN Austin

The first step towards helping to solve a problem is learning as much as one can about the problem. At least, that's what the United Nations Foundation hopes as it launches its first mobile app called “UNFoundation.”

At its core, the app hopes to serve as a one-stop location to find out all the news and information happening through or related to the UN, from world health issues to climate change. There are straightforward articles, pictures and even some videos.

Google Wallet
Google sees all these cell phones in the world and has decided to let people pay for things with them in face-to-face transactions, much like how credit cards are used. To that end, the tech giant has just launched “Google Wallet.”

It uses “Near Field Communication,” which is a wireless technology that works over very short distances. Quite simply, once the cashier rings up a purchase, the buyer merely waves their phone in front of a sensor to pay.

Source: YNN Austin