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Saturday, June 23, 2012

JogNog helps teachers create learning games for their students
JogNog, a website that provides competitive learning games that motivate students in grades 2-12 to learn, has opened up its library of elementary and middle school content to teachers who want to create games that match their specific lesson plans.

The site’s Quick Quiz tool gives teachers free access to JogNog’s library of 20,000 questions that address Common Core standards. Using this tool, teachers can create a video game that supports their lesson plan much faster and more conveniently than writing their own test and review materials, JogNog says.

“My students love JogNog,” said Cara Whitehead, school teacher at Carlisle Elementary School in Boaz, Ala. “Quick Quiz lets me create content specific to my curriculum. It also allows me to differentiate quiz questions based on my students’ instructional levels.”

“Many teachers are challenged to find good multiple-choice questions for tests and student review,” noted Stephen Smith, CEO and co-founder of “With JogNog Quick Quiz, teachers can now create a video game using educator-approved questions in under five minutes. We have made Quick Quiz 100-percent free for teachers, and they love the way it also motivates their students to study.”

How to Create a JogNog Quick Quiz in under 60 Seconds

Source: eClassroom News and JogNogGame's channel

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