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Friday, May 15, 2015

Complimentary White Paper - Making the Business Case for Learning Content Management

Content is the backbone of learning. Without the right pieces in place, your learning efforts — no matter how well intentioned — will fall flat.

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We’re probably preaching to the choir, though. As a learning professional, you understand the value and benefits of a solid learning content strategy better than anyone.
View this Lightpaper and learn how your organization can:
  • Personalize the learning experience: Your people are better able to learn when they have resources that are tailored to their needs. 
  • Efficiently author content: Your instructional designers and subject-matter experts (SMEs) need to be able to share their knowledge effortlessly. 
  • Be more agile: At the very least, your learning content needs to change as your business does, helping your people prepare for new challenges. 
  • Drive performance: Learning content is the fuel for individual performance gains, and thus can lead to your organization becoming high performing. 
Unfortunately, the other key stakeholders you need to involve as you take on the strategic challenges of learning content won’t always understand or agree with all of these points. Selling process improvements, technology solutions, or involving additional talent and resources can all be a challenge. Learning has been on the losing end of the budget for far too long. Navigating the internal politics of selling a business case for an improvement to your learning content takes knowledge that speaks to stakeholders and the right format to deliver it. 
Click here to preview and download this White Paper