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Friday, May 15, 2015

New White Paper: How to Plan Your School's Wi-Fi Future

This white paper explores how to plan for your school’s Wi-Fi future. "Schools everywhere are recognizing this truth: next generation classrooms will require next generation Wi-Fi." 

Download this whitepaper today!

The challenges are complex, demanding, and very real. Budgets are tight and school districts face cost/benefit decisions that will, quite literally, tax every community to find affordable and truly effective systems.

The proliferation of devices that will be demanding Wi-Fi connection is staggering. Laptops, iPads, smart phones, e-readers, printers – the list goes on. Anytime/anywhere learning is no longer a lofty vision of 21st  century educators: it is a requirement if students are to be transformed into 21st  century learners.

Download this whitepaper today!